E-commerce Platform

Fugo Ltd. is a direct importer of spare parts for cars, trucks and specialized machinery. The company was founded in 1994. On the Bulgarian market Fugo holds a portfolio of 23 brands from Germany, England, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain and Poland. The company is continuously chosen as a preferred partner for many vendors and end users.

The Project

Our task was, not only to create a corporate presentation website, but also an online e-commerce platform that enables customers and wholesalers to find spare part susing different ways, to check availability and make online orders through the system.

Our Solution

To respond adequately to the numerous requirements of the future system users, first we had to fully understand their needs and habits. Therefore, we organized many consultations with employees of Fugo. Counting on their long-term experience we managed to design a system which drastically reduces the time for sending an order. This process covers several stages - finding a product and all its alternatives, logging into the system and placing an order, tracking invoices, payments and others.

Together with our partners from Innovasys Ltd, we created real time connections with a warehouse software and huge database server in Germany. Additionally, requests were repeatedly optimized and upgraded.